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I AM - John 15

For the past few weeks, we have been reading a book called Secrets of the Vine by Bruce Wilkinson. We started reading the book right before we entered the Passover season. We have been reading John 15. In the book, the various aspects of bearing fruit are explained. When I take a look at the surrounding chapters, contextually we begin in John 13 and continue until John 18.

The time of year is Passover and it is a season of joy. Jesus and the disciples are in Jerusalem and Jesus is having a meal with the disciples. Jesus is sharing with the disciples in the passage the heart of the Father. In John 17 Jesus looks up toward heaven and begins to speak with the Father. After praying to the Father, John 18 informs us that Jesus went with His disciples across the Kidron stream and to the Mount of Olives.

Jesus shows us the plan. He reminds us that He is the great I AM. He assures us not to be afraid and continue trusting. Jesus makes it very clear that He is the real vine and the Father is the vinedresser. Picture for a moment with me Jesus speaking these words on a Spring evening to His disciples. The political and spiritual realities during those days were less than assuring or joyful. There were many concerns about Rome and the Sanhedrin. People were confused, and individuals were concerned about what the future held.

Jesus directs us to continue loving, obeying his commands, and abiding in Him. The plan of bearing much fruit is learning to abide in Jesus and allowing the Father to tend to our growth and provide what is necessary individually for each of us to grow. The Father is well aware of the vineyard and knows how to care for His children.

Jesus calls us no longer slaves, but friends. He clearly points out that we did not choose Him, but He chose us and commissioned us to go and bear fruit that will last. How does fruit bearing look to you? What does abiding in Him mean? Look at what the Father is doing in your life today. The promises of life are available to us each day. Every day we can choose life.

God is in the vineyard on a cool Spring evening, ready to meet with you and abide in you. Two thousand years later He is gently speaking the words of John 13 - 18 to our hearts. He loves you and has given you, His friend, the plan.

Let the flow of His Spirit go through you.

John 15:17 - "This is what I command you: keep loving each other!"



Photo Credit - Jenni Cook Stivale

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