• Todd Horton

Joseph, Mary, and Hannukah

When we look at how Hanukkah fits historically in the timeline of our Bible, we look at the dating of events that occurred after the Maccabean revolt and rededication of the Temple. Where were Mary and Joseph's relatives during 167 - 160 BC? Jesus's parents were from the line of David and the tribe of Judah. Eventually, in this timeline, Nazareth becomes a reality for the family lineage of Jesus.

  • Maccabean occurred between 167 - 160 BC. (Hanukkah)

  • The rededication of the Temple roughly 165 BC

  • (Rome)Pompey captures Jerusalem in 63 BC.

  • Herod the Great is born in 73 BC.

  • Herod the Great appointed King of Judea in 37 BC.

  • Zechariah’s birth potentially around 64 BC. Zechariah and Elizabeth were along in years most likely 60 or older when John the Baptist was conceived.

  • Jesus is born between 4 -6 BC

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