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Israel and the UAE agree to 'historical peace agreement', say Donald Trump - video

Dear Family of God,

6 years ago, our family came to the country of Cyprus. I believe this was our first time. Little did I know that through persecution in Israel, as believers in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, would lead us to Cyprus.

Just like 2000 years ago, around 4,000 years after God started with creation, there was the great scattering of believers in our Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Now there is a great ingathering that is taking place.

The world is standing at a crossroads, as the ANCIENT pathways are revealing themselves again and being built up. We are building up the Highways of the Lord connecting, all the nations to Jerusalem for the coronation of the KING of kings.

Get ready the King is coming.

What a glorious day it will be.

What a privilege it has been to walk where Joseph (Barnabas) and Paul have walked. Standing in the places where the words of Jesus were first spoken to those in Alexandria, Egypt, Salamis, Cyprus, and Antioch, Turkey. These are the places the communities of Faith found refuge, after leaving Jerusalem.

We have an AMAZING Father in Heaven that takes such good care of us. If you have not made that decision to get into agreement with the everlasting covenant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, NOW is the appointed time. The Father through these words is offering you a choice.

Choose life this day that you will be spared from what is to come. You must choose from your own free will this gift of life and life more abundant. Choose wisely, this is eternity we are speaking about.

Going forward, we are going to need all hands on deck. Why? To assist as we continue to Reaching THE WORLD ONE PERSON AT A TIME, from the epicenter of the great showdown between the Father and the wickedness that resides in high places in the Middle East and the world.

I encourage all of us to ask the Spirit of the living God, that lives inside of you, to ask this question, WHAT DO YOU HAVE NEED OF ME TO DO? Your answer should always be YES, and Amen. Whoever the Father brings over your path, be an agent of Love, bind up the broken heart, and be the hands and feet, that the Father can use you to set the captive free by the Spirits power at work in your life.

We are about to enter the greatest days the world has ever seen. We will be liberated by our soon and coming King.

We are going to need your help as the Father leads you in all kinds of ways.

You can give to Touched by Grace by going to our website and clicking on the give online button

Many blessings from our home to yours, be of good courage. The angels when visiting God's people would usually start by saying, "FEAR NOT".

“What I am leaving with you is shalom — I am giving you my shalom. I don’t give the way the world gives. Don’t let yourselves be upset or frightened. - John 14:27

The world will accept "the peace treaty" that is not of the Father on September 15, 2020, in Washington D.C. Don't be deceived, this is not the Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Lookup for OUR redemption draweth nigh.

We are your extended hands and feet to the world.

Todd, Rose, Josiah, Abigail, Sarah, and Rachel Horton

And we are off to Cyprus! More pictures to come when we arrive. It's only a 55-minute flight.

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