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Help us today Reach the World One Person At A Time!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Help us today Reach the World One Person At A Time!

Rose is currently in Houston, Texas and tonight is the TBG awareness BBQ hosted by Paul and Ann M Fontenott. The TV Interview went great yesterday, bringing awareness to the Biblical Experience trips and the women’s retreats that Rose directs. This is the beginning of our fall season of travel for God into all the world. The time for Rose, Krissi, and Abigail was good sharing about upcoming women’s ministry in Cyprus, Europe, and beyond.

We need 5 to 10 more individuals or families who would join us monthly at Touched by Grace to continue empowering us to reach the World One Person at a Time.

Josiah, Abigail, Sarah, and Rachel are in Israel helping friends. They will be returning to Cyprus on September 29. Todd and Alex are in the UK and are currently in Scotland. They return to Cyprus on September 21st. This year's Holiday Season, puts all of us on the Road for the Gospel.

Shabbat Shalom,

Todd Horton

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