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Another Season has come and gone.

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Another season has come and gone reading the timeless and authoritative Word of God. The world revolves around the center-piece of His WORD. They may think that they can outsmart themselves or God. They may not claim He exists. Many are ignorant of the things of God and have no foundational basis from which to move forward.

When God created the earth He was clear with His intentions. He created the earth in 6 days and He rested on the 7th day. The months had no names. They were just months 1 - 12 very much like our days revolve around the Sabbath and are numbered 1 - 6.

How is it that today, we have moved so far from the original intent and context of God’s appointed times and seasons in the earth today. Why have we chosen to make what appears to be improvements on what God already looked at said was Good, very good. God in his perfection placed redemption in the centre of these appointed times and seasons for all of us to see. The lunar monthly cycle is still God’s choice for sharing with us life and life more abundant.

I am writing this note from a park in the centre of Dublin, Ireland watching the children play in front of me with their uniforms. They have conformed into the reality of what the school needs for them to have a proper and healthy educational opportunity. I wonder if we could look at God as having a proper and healthy way for us to learn about Himself, relationally. When we try to make our own set of rules and interpretations we will regularly fall short of the intended purpose God has which is to for us to know Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Truth - How does God define Truth. It is defined in the Gospels many proclaim. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I would say it first was given to us by God through Moses in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. The blueprint for our world is first entrusted to us in the Torah for each one to hold fast too. The Gospels bring us through progressive revelation and are needed to show us the fulfilment of the blueprint. One can not exist without the other. Both are required to show the completion of the fulfilment of God’s masterplan in the earth today.

Touched by Grace’s purpose is to reach the world one person at a time. This is paramount that we do this through an original context and intent, sharing life with each one we meet. Being ready at a moments notice to do whatever God has need of us to do. A hug, smile, or opportunity to show His great Love through a miracle, healing, sign, or wonder.

The problem we face today, is we have yet to marry the first 4 books of the Torah together with the Gospels. The need to pull things through and stay on course, is interrupted by traditions of humankind. This is no different than when Jesus was on the earth. He faced the pinnacle of perversion of the Torah up to that point. I believe that is why Jesus Christ of Nazareth came when He did. Some may ask why did He come then. To fix and set straight what the Word of God truly was and represented. If the Hebrew nation would have continued they may have never come back to the truth that set them free and therefore leaving us without a proper pathway to find the messiah and the redemption of humankind.

I want to encourage us today to come back to the heart of God. I want to lovingly point us back to the shadow of our Messiah that leads of to the Messiah himself. Where we can feel the warmth of the Fathers light shining on the Son of God which warms the earth and all that are in His loving embrace.

During this holiday season, may we return to the things that are point us in the way of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Our redeemer has come to set us free and for those of us who choose we have become the Home of God where His Spirit dwells richly inside.

Can we take the risk of practically implementing His appointed times and seasons as our blueprint today?

Can we throw off all the traditions that hinder us and serve Him in Spirit and Truth?

Is He our Lord and King?

Can we come to Him with childlike Faith and live freely in a way that is intentional to bring others to an opportunity of receiving His great LOVE and GRACE?


Todd Horton


"Reaching the World One Person at a Time"

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