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Thank You Dr. Graham

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

"Dr. Billy Graham's faith is now sight. I appreciated the opportunity to attend the Billy Graham school in Louisville, Ky during the beginning of my Masters of Divinity program. I attended the Buffalo, New York crusade back in the 1990's. When Dr. Graham came to Nashville, TN, I served on the committee to prepare for his arrival.

I had the opportunity while in my undergraduate program at Belmont University, to do an extensive study of Dr. Graham and his work sharing the need for a personal relationship with God. Most people think that this personal relationship was the major message he shared. In actuality, behind the scenes he had a HUGE heart for discipleship to continue in all cities he was a part of and for individuals to be LED by the SPIRIT and filled to overflowing with the SPIRIT.

Even as a Southern Baptist in their denominational ideology, Dr. Graham stuck to the WORD first, and always challenged us to think about our lives and the communities around us, through that LENS alone and never man's traditions. Dr. Graham truly was a man out of the box in a very unique period in our history. Thank you Dr. Graham for your service to the Kingdom. Let Ruth know we said hello and all the great cloud of witnesses that have gone before us. May they all now find us faithful as we pick up where you have exited." - Dr. Todd Horton

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