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The Time is Now!

Dear Family of God,

During Rose and I's time away we had the opportunity to minister to individuals one of these is a man who is ready to go to the next step with the Father.

He realizes there is more behind this coronavirus fluid situation than what people are speaking out about. When I spoke I shared with him the most important decision he needed to face right now is what he was going to do with Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

His response to me was this, "Thank you very much:) I love him too. It was a bit hard day today but you fixed it now with your word:) praying hands".

Rose and I went back the next day to continue the conversation and encourage both the mother and the son.

We bought products from the gift shop, had lunch there, and I am heading back to Platres on Thursday, October 15th, 2020 to continue the discipleship that was started. It is one hour and 17 minutes one way to get to this young many in his early 30's that sit on the council in his village, but it will be worth every minute as we encourage each other during these very very dark times in our world.

Thank God Jesus Christ of Nazareth empowered us with the comforter, The Ruach HaKodesh, the Spirit of the Living God to be the Salt to the Earth, and the LIGHT to the WORLD. So let your light shine and be the living testimony. The WORD of GOD and the living Testimony will never return void. The blood of the lamb of God washes away our lawlessness before him."- Todd Horton, Ph.D., Rev.

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