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Ein Gedi - Biblical Experience

Did you know that Ein Gedi is located below sea level near the Dead Sea? Did you know that Ein Gedi was a place King David and his men hid from King Saul?

Ein Gedi translates into place of the spring goats.

"From there David went up and lived in the strongholds of ‘Ein-Gedi. 2 (1) When Sha’ul returned from pursuing the P’lishtim, he was told that David was in the desert at ‘Ein-Gedi. 3 (2) Sha’ul took three thousand men chosen from all Isra’el and went searching for David and his men on the cliffs where the mountain goats are." - 1 Samuel 24:1-3

"10 Then fishermen will stand on its shores spreading their nets all the way from ‘Ein-Gedi to ‘Ein-‘Eglayim. There will be as many kinds of fish there as in the Great Sea, [the Mediterranean,] a great variety." - Ezekiel 47:10

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