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A Living and Holy Sacrifice


  1. Leviticus 6:1-8:36 

  2. Jeremiah 7:21-8:3 

  3. Romans 12:1-8

In Leviticus this week we learn more about the various offerings. What caught my attention was the priestly ordination. This observance lasted 7 days before the ordination was complete. Today, we have the opportunity to function in the priestly duties of God’s kingdom. There is only one high priest and that place is forever established.

In Jeremiah, we read how the people would not listen. They kept doing whatever they wanted, following the desires of their hearts that had strayed from God. The people went backward instead of going forward in their relationship with God. Today, there are no more sacrifices and grace has allowed us the opportunity to propel us forward in our relationship with God.

This opportunity is offered every day with a clean slate, not to be abused as we see in the book of Jeremiah, but with a repentant heart towards His desires for relationship with us.

In Romans, new meaning is given for understanding the definition of a living sacrifice. In our world, the word sacrifice makes little sense. However, in the context of the covenant from the time of Moses through 70 A.D., we find that God is interested in a relationship of love and obedience.

The sacrificial system was a type and shadow of something deeper Adonai was pursing with the people. We are given amazing gifts, not to think highly of oneself, but to be used to help others in their understanding of God’s love. If your gift is serving, teaching, leadership, kindness, or another gift, we are to share it gladly with the world.

Questions for Reflection:

▪ How do I see myself as a living offering unto the Lord?

▪ Do I see myself in a loving relationship with God?

▪ Does my heart want to be obedient?

▪ What are the gifts He has given me to go and do well?

▪ Am I using those gifts?

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