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Touched by Grace's Rose Horton Shares

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I am Rose Horton, the wife and mother of the TBG House of Peace and Tranquility. I am thankful for the years of preparation God brought my way before He placed me in such a role. Cooking and cleaning were not things I enjoyed for many years. Now that God brings “family” when we serve those who enter our home, it is something I find rewarding.

God desires for community. Coming together to share and fellowship, especially around a meal. This is how the early communities of faith met.

I never know what a day will look like in our home. Even when I have a “schedule,” it can change in a moment because someone comes for a cup of coffee, or we must leave quickly to visit someone. These scenarios used to frustrate me, but along the way I have learned that when the Spirit leads, we must follow. Lives are changed when the Holy Spirit is in charge.

Breakfast and Family Bible Time begin the day. Lately we have been reading through the Psalms. During school time, all computers are pulled out and everyone has a place at the table. Internet online schooling has been a blessing for us as we travel.

When school is not in session, there are still chores to be done. The children each have responsibilities that help keep the home running smoothly. It might be dishes, cleaning bathrooms, taking out trash, or helping in the garden.

After completing chores or school, each child has a different interest. Alex, when he is out of the army, helps Todd run TBG and then plays games with the children or splashes in the pool. Both activities are loved by all of them. It brings joy to hear them playing together. Josiah loves to read, work on technology, or play soccer. Abigail has enjoyed being creative with crafts. We are hoping to get some music lessons for her. Sarah is also creative, but has fun with her kitten, Gandalf. She would love to learn to play the piano. Rachel also loves Gandalf and she enjoys reading and baking.

The books in the TBG home are slowly getting organized. It is fun for me to group topics together. The goal will be to have a list of all the books. We truly have a mini library and are blessed.

Preparing dinner for all the family is important. We try as often as possible to eat together. We know that this has been lost in most societies, but it should be highly valued. This is a time we can catch up with Todd and hear about everyone’s events of the day.

Outside of the home, I would love to return to organizing retreats. While in Tennessee I hosted many 24 hour time away Rest, Refresh and Restore retreats. If you are interested in working on putting one together, contact me and we can work on details.

TBG’s heart is to “Reach the World One Person at a Time.” We want everyone we meet to understand that they are important because God created them. It is our desire to place community above religion and bring LIFE through the Word of God. This happens by opening our HOME and HEARTS to the people HE brings our way. TBG wants to share HIS LOVE with all we meet through Shabbat dinner, breakfast of waffles, or an afternoon coffee.

My faith has been strengthen by living with the Holy Spirit. My life has been changed since living with the Holy Spirit. Come join us at the TBG House. We will pray that your life will be changed as well.









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