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Josiah Horton of Touched by Grace Shares

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Dear Family and Friends,

I am Josiah Horton. Being the son of the CEO of Touched by Grace, Todd Horton, I had always wanted to help in any way I could. Dad soon began to ask me to help edit videos and podcasts. Now, all of these projects are predominantly handled by me. Changing music, ordering clips, taking out background noise, or adding text are all tasks I manage. I also format flyers and brochures that are made, and do a little website editing and formatting as well.

Every day I send out the Daily Torah Portion via the Daily Torah Portion App. I take the Word and put it into the app and onto Facebook. Daily Torah has reached over 3,000 people.

Passwords are an important aspect of any ministry so I make sure accounts in the ministry are up to date and secure, and information is safe and easily accessible.

I also play soccer. That has enabled me to make relationships with young men my age in the area. This is an outlet for me to be a light to those around me.

I have learned that Touched by Grace isn’t truly a company. It is a family living by a lifestyle that God set in place. We don’t all have the same blood line, but we have the same Father and everyone who joins TBG becomes part of the family. The family can be all across the globe doing the things God needs them to do and still be a family reaching the world One Person at a Time. If there are 12 people in the family, that means that at the very least 12 people are reached.

God can do something special in all of us and TBG can show you that no matter the circumstance, as long as you put your faith in God, you can do great things for the Kingdom. Sometimes you just have to take a Step of Faith.


JOSIAH HORTON TOUCHED BY GRACE Box 3393 Brentwood, TN USA Tel: +1-615-332-9152 USA Tel: + 357-99-068435 Cyprus

TOUCHED BY GRACE…CREATED FOR LIFE "Reaching the World One Person at a Time"

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