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Am I A Good Provider?

Updated: Mar 12, 2019


It is early morning in Cyprus. I wanted to share with many of you that being in ministry and in my marriage, seeing myself as a good provider has been very difficult and I have never believed that I have been a good provider.

For the past 11 years Rose and I have lived by Faith in our finances week to week and month to month.

That is a very different lifestyle than having a pay check come regularly bi-weekly or monthly.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to finally face the reality that I did not see myself as a good provider. For men this is a big deal. I want to be able to provide my family with the things that I can as a good husband and Father.

Through many hot tears running down my face, I had to admit that God has made me to be a good provider and that I am and have been a good provider. Along life's journey I have heard that I have not been a good provider or how can I be a good provider and be in ministry or any other career choice I would make.

I want to encourage all of you out there, that if you are struggling with not being a good provider, if you are truly doing everything God wants you to do as a provider for yourself or your family than you are a Good provider.

Don't compare yourself with the world's standard of provision. You can only compare yourself with the Bible that shares with you the blueprint and expectation of what a Good provider is.

My wife Rose Cross Horton reminded me tonight that I told her years ago the signature on the bottom of your pay check is ALWAYS Jesus Christ of Nazareth or Our Father who art in Heaven.

As I go to sleep soon, I will let God continue to do the healing work only God can do. The curses that have been spoken over me and the lies that I have believed about not being a good provider, are no longer there and I am free. When those doubts come up again, I have my family to remind me that I am a good provider.

Love to all of you this evening,

Todd Horton











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