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Touched by Grace celebrates Todd Allen Horton on Day 7 of our 11 year anniversary celebration of Tou

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Today we celebrate Todd Allen Horton. Born on the 3rd day of February of 1971.

Todd is primarily a man of God and a family man. To him, those two mean the absolute world to him.

He has a beautiful wife and five amazing children. Here are the words of said members.

Rose Horton -

Dr. Todd Allen Horton

Reverend Todd Horton

Director and CEO of Touched by Grace.

I simply know him as Todd, my husband.

We met at Taylor University in 1992.

After dating for about a year, we got engaged. We both had our moments with God when we knew we were supposed to get married. His was while he was in Israel, in the city of Nazareth, the place where Mary received Word from God that she was to be the mother of Jesus. He heard the Lord tell him to take me as his wife. Mine was on a snowy mountain in Michigan when I was winter camping with classmates. I was told by God to “receive my blessing.”

Todd truly is a blessing to everyone he meets. Everything he does is above and beyond what is required or needed. He has a way of making every event unique and special. He knows how to make everyone feel important.

Todd’s teachings share the Truth of the Word of God. He takes people to the ROOT of what God wants to teach them. He is not afraid to walk in role of pastor, teacher, prophet, apostle or evangelist.

Todd exemplifies so much of God’s Love. Everyone he meets, he shares with them the heart of God. He teaches with wisdom and understanding. He truly knows how to meet people exactly where they are.

Todd, because of your faithful obedience to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our family has gone places and met people from around the world. Your FAITH in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has made this possible.

As God has broken you and done a major work in your life, HE has brought you to a new place. A place with the love of a Father’s Heart. Just as Job was tested, and just as Noah was ridiculed and laughed at, God found you righteous.

As your wife, I am thankful for your energy. I am thankful for your dedication to people. I am thankful for the way you get the job done (and it doesn’t matter what the job is - lowly and dirty, or speaking to a crown prince). You truly are a master of many trades.

Todd, today we celebrate YOU. We call you husband, father, friend, mentor… God created you and knew you before the beginning of time. We as a family THANK YOU for being obedient to HIS call.

Rachel Horton –

Todd Horton is a man of God. He is one of the strongest men I know. He is my father. He is the best father in the world! No kid or person could ask for a better father then mine. He is a great man. He is going to live a long life and in that long life is going to serve the one true God.

Sarah Horton –

My dad is a loving, caring, spirit lead, and spirit filled man of God. His words and teachings touch the people he meets in no other way before. I am so happy that He is my dad and he can teach me to be better and better. I love you so much Abba.

Abigail Horton –

My Dad, Todd Allen Horton is INCREDIBLE! He has done amazing things for his family and friends. Always providing, always loving, always there, always will be my dad! He has always loved the Lord, following wherever God asks him to go. Seeking God's face with his WHOLE heart. Crazy things have happened in the 13 years I have known him, but he pulls through every time with us right behind him! Todd Allen Horton is a POWERFUL leader! He is STRONG! He is just pure AWESOME! and I am so PROUD to call myself his daughter! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DAD!!! Keep pulling through we are all right beside you!

Josiah Horton –

On February 3rd, 1971 something happened that changed the world. Dr. Todd Allen Horton was born. Though no one knew it then, he would turn into one of the greatest men the world has seen. Throughout his life the devil has tried to stop him. Each time My Father stared him in the eyes and defeated him with the Power God has given him. There will never be another man like him ever again. His faith in his Lord Jesus Christ is stronger than anything else. God has done the impossible for him. Abba has stood through every test and come out the other side stronger. His life has impacted an uncountable number of people. No one who meets him ever leaves the same. He has served everyone God has brought him. He has been a one-of-a-kind father and an incredible example. He has been one of God's primary agents to morph me into who I am today. There are no words to describe him. He loves like no other person. He has a passion for God that world has only seen a few times before in its history. He is the Apple of God's eye and can do all things in Christ who strengthens him. He is the Paul of the modern age. He and his other Son Alex can conquer the world together through their unbreakable bond and passion for Christ. I can only marvel at him and say thank you. Keep doing the good work and fighting the good fight. I love you and will always stand with you. You will never walk alone Abba.

These are the words of five members of the family. Now the sixth and newest member will speak.

Alex Demetriou –

Todd Allen Horton. Whenever I hear that name a smile comes to my face, for that is my fathers name.

He is an amazing man. He loves people passionately, he loves his family unconditionally, he loves himself and most important, he loves God.

He has given his life to God. Dedicated everything to the Lord. He has proclaimed Jesus as his saviour and as his Messiah.

He has spent years labouring faithfully and one can clearly see his hard-working nature.

He is an intelligent man and more importantly, a wise man. His foundation is the Word of God and his resting place, God’s arms.

His passion and motivation to do God’s work is astounding. And one of a kind. His love for his family is remarkable and his drive to help as many people as possible is inspiring.

I am his nineteen year old son and I am proud to present my father in such a way.

He will climb the mountains, swim the oceans and crawl on his hands and knees to reach his children.

He has touched many people and he has helped many more. He has fought the enemy with tooth and nail, allowing the Lord to use him as He sees fit.

People have persecuted him and have betrayed him, yet his love overshadows whatever is not of God. The Spirit inside of him, cleans and refreshes him daily, for everyday we are made new in God’s eyes.

I want to thank you Abba, for being there when I needed you. I want to thank you for helping me in my time of need. For accepting me in my broken state. I love you and I am proud to call you, my Abba.

Matthew 3:17: And the Lord said, “This is my son, in whom I am well pleased.”

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