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Torah Scroll Arrives in Cyprus

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Torah Scroll Arrives in Cyprus From Israel Blessing the School of Faith and the Horton's

We are receiving a full original Torah scroll from family in Israel on the 11th anniversary of Touched by Grace.

The Torah scroll will arrive on July 7, 2018.

Rose will be brining it back from Israel.

We will have a celebration of the WORD of GOD coming into Cyprus.

Touched by Grace, The school of Faith, and the Horton’s will be one of four places the Torah scroll can be found in Cyprus.

Currently you can find the Torah scroll in Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, and now at the Touched by Grace House.

This past week Touched by Grace's Daily Torah Portion website www.dailytorahportion.com was asked to start posting the daily Torah portion to over 4,700 individuals on a closed Facebook group that is Hebraic roots oriented.

We are now are now reaching the word one person at a time through social media channels, with the WORD OF GOD. 7,000 people on social media are receiving the daily WORD of GOD.

Now God is taking us even deeper into the Living Presence of the Word in our Families life and being placed with the responsibility of being a custodian of the Torah scrolls.

A Torah Scroll is written entirely in Hebrew, a sefer Torah contains 304,805letters, all of which must be duplicated precisely by a trained sofer (“scribe”), an effort which may take as long as approximately one and a half years.

An error during transcription may render the sefer Torah pasul (“invalid”). According to the Talmud, all scrolls must also be written on gevil parchment that is treated with salt, flour and m'afatsim in order to be valid. Scrolls not processed in this way are considered invalid (Hilkoth Tefillin 1:8 & 1:14, Maimonides).

The calfskin or parchment on which the sacred Hebrew text is written is mounted into a wooden housing called עץ חיים (Tree of Life) in Hebrew.

The housing has two rollers, each of which has two handles used for scrolling the text, four handles in all.

Between the handles and the rollers are round plates or disks which are carved with images of holy places, engraved with dedications to the donor's parents or other loved ones, and decorated with gold or silver.

It is with great honour that Touched by Grace, The School of Faith, and the Horton's receive this Torah Scroll.

We will have quite a celebration not only for the 11 years of Touched by Grace Ministry, but that the LIVING WORD OF GOD will be in our MIDST both on paper in scroll form and WRITTEN ON EACH OF OUR HEARTS THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Love and blessings,

Dr. Todd Allen Horton

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