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Abigail Haddassah Rose Horton

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Abigail Haddassah Rose Horton

Day 3 of our 11 year anniversary celebration of Touched by Grace on July 7, 2018, celebrates Abigail Haddassah Rose Horton.

Abigail was born on October 13, 2004. She was born in the fall just after Rose and I's wedding anniversary. We knew it was a girl and we were prepared for our bundle of joy. Yes, Abigail means, "Father's Joy".

Abigail is one of a kind. She is just like her Father. She is full of grace. She loves horses, cooking, and making people feel warm and accepted.

She is smart, discerning, and an amazing listener. She is negotiator par excellent.

She has keen sense of the Father's heart and knows her daddy's demeanour at any time of the day.

She loves to dance, sing, and any type of music.

She loves to create with her sisters and works well with her brother.

She is a fabulous student who tries her very best to learn the subject matter.

Speed is not her accuracy, but details are everything.

She is natural swimmer and athlete.

She has conquered a near death experience while her daddy was in Ukraine ministering to orphans.

She is my first born daughter in whom I am well pleased.

She was Bat-Mitzvahed through adversity that took her to Cyprus and Washington D.C. proclaiming the Word of God on the Capital steps during an election.

She is a Powerful and Annointed arrow in the hand of God.

She knows Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is filled with the Holy Spirit, and has been baptized in the Jordan river with her sister Sarah.

Daddy Loves you Abigail.

We celebrate you today.

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