• Todd Horton

14 is the number of HIS NAME!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

My son rocks. He is a superstar. Today, Josiah age 14 was playing his final away game for Peyia 20(14). Today is 1-4 another fourteen. He played as number 14 on his away team kit which he gets to keep. He scored the ONLY GOAL for HIS team in minute 14 of the game. So Josiah 14, Team 14, Today 14, He played as 14, and scored the only 1 goal at minute 14, 14 is the tetragram of David's Hebrew name in the Bible. It is also 14 generations from David to Josiah in the bible and from King Josiah to Joseph the Father of Jesus 14 generations. 14 is also the symbol of double measure of perfection in Bible. I think someone bigger is involved in his Football career. May this act as a confirmation of God's hand on Josiah Asher Yo'el's Horton's life for such a time as this. He is God's man for the hour and we rejoice in this confirmation.









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