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Are you ready to remove the limitations you are facing?

  • Is the plan that you need to move forward missing?

  • Are you exhausted maintaining so many responsibilities?

  • Are you weighed down with thoughts that you do not have what it takes?

  • Do your current results leave you feeling unsatisfied at the end of the day?

  • Your current limitations are keeping you from the life you want?

No Limits Mindset Transformation

  • See your initial goals realized.

  • Free your time and bring others into your sphere of influence.

  • Everything you need is already inside of you and can be released to the world around you.

  • ​Transform your time and energy and break free becoming more effective and efficient.

  • Remove the constraints you face and create the life you want.

This is a six month program

Dr. Todd Horton is based in the Middle East - the cradle of civilization. Todd has been building relationships one on one around the world, for over 30 years. ​


With a higher education in Communication Studies and a Ph.D. in Religious Philosophy, his life experience is a journey that actively pursues life with nothing holding him back. ​Horton has traveled extensively in Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East.


He has his finger on the pulse of what is happening in the region, the current transition, and the issues the world is now facing. ​Removing the limitations you are facing as an entrepreneur will help you create an abundant life now. ​​​​​​


We can connect by making a positive change in the world we live in. Everyone is here for a reason and the time is now to discover your unique imprint on the earth today.

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