Todd has been serving in the Middle East for 15 years.  He has learned through his experiences that in everything being open to learning is a key to success.  Spending years in the field in the Middle East, he is ready to speak about matters of the heart relating to our Faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  The original context and intent are crucial to understanding the foundation of what we call Faith.  


For many years questions were asked and answers were not found.  After spending years in Israel teaching in the various places that the Bible came to life He has a wealth of profound information that will help guide the community of Faith in the coming future.   There is nothing that provides more proof to us today than putting our hands in the dirt of the reality of situations.  The extensive relationships with Hebrews, Muslims, and many other ethnicities have helped to shape the reality of where we are in our world today when it comes to Faith and the practical application of our Faith.

The History of our World can longer be compartmentalized from our Bible and must once again be returned to the fusion of where it belongs.  The wealth of cultural applications through the Hebrew holidays and the Hebrew Calendar is one of great value for us today.  Todd has been afforded the opportunity to put these holidays into practice in his daily lifestyle in Israel, Cyprus, America and other places as he has traveled.  The Hebrew Calendar is the predecessor to the Gregorian and Julian calendars.


Todd offers speaking engagements, Biblical experience trips, one on one discipleship, and leadership training for existing and new communities.  The practical application on a day to day basis is addressed in many of these topics that He speaks on.  Learning a lifestyle of serving the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is more important than religion.  Todd has always stated that he is not part of any religion but in a relationship with God.







Speaking fees are set based on location and audience. 

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