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"Todd Horton" and "The Israel Experience"
No Box Needed


No Box Needed relates the account of how Dr. Todd Horton came into relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and his personal journey.

We should always be open to learning all that God can teach us. Dr. Todd Horton has grown in his relationship with God and found that it is important to stay open. God has much to teach us if we will remain moldable.


Dr. Todd Horton encourages everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to be entirely filled with the presence of God.

"Todd Horton" and "The Israel Experience"
Balancing the Word


These Hebraic roots weekly devotionals, will help you in your study of scripture, to better gain understanding of how God wants to meet you past, present, and future.  


This weekly progressive study will bring you into a deeper place of personal growth … further making you aware you are His living love letter bringing hope and light to a broken world.  The Holy Spirit will lead you to places that only He can take you in your walk with God.


After your Current Week reading …there are questions for reflection for that week. These reflections will help create an alignment of your mind, will, and emotions …  bringing a healthier lifestyle to your spiritual and physical walk with God.

Remember Me



Rose and I have been participating and leading Passover Seders for 12 years.  From having just a few in our dining room to 200 people in a country club atmosphere, it has been the key that unlocked the understanding of our Faith.


Two Years ago it was discussed to revise the Seder program to fit Touched by Grace’s presentation style of His presence.  This summer Rose began the project by a small light in a one bedroom studio with four children in Los Angeles.


This book enables you to enjoy a Passover Dinner that will bring honor to the Creator who established in Torah this important meal. 

"Todd Horton" and "The Israel Experience"
The Israel Experience Study Guide


This study guide is designed to give insight into places in Israel. 




Re-Imaging The Holidays: Secrets of God's Kingdom



Have you ever asked yourself when reading the Bible what the festivals or appointed times were designed for? Are they still appropriate today to celebrate? Have they been done away with and are no longer relevant? What did Shaul Paul mean when he said, "8 So let us celebrate the Seder not with leftover hametz, the hametz of wickedness and evil, but with the matzah of purity and truth." - 1 Corinthians 5:8. This book helps answers questions that will bring us into a deeper relationship with the Father's design for our lives.

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